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SmileMart LLC is basically a sales, advertising and target marketing company. The founders are seasoned sales and marketing experts with over 40 years of combined experience. We are equally responsible for the establishment of many brands on social media and acquisition of a large online presence. SmileMart, LLC is a relatively new Amazon retailing company concentrated on selling unique consumer products.

We offer a wide range of products ranging from grocery, pet supplies to health & fitness products, home accessories, and more. Significantly, we focus on general merchandise with the intention of meeting the extensive need of our customers.

At SmileMart , we choose our products based on several criteria but not necessarily in related categories. Presently, we have two nice products available to our various clients, customers and retailers.

Here’s a cool selection of some of our best-selling items. Scroll down to view the details.

Heat Resistant Gorilla Grip Grill Gloves

One of the products is our wonderful baking, cooking grill BBQ gloves, best for all cooking practices for the safety of your fingers and palms. Kitchen accidents can almost not be avoided but with our well-fitted gloves on your hands, you will surely look like a kitchen expert even if you are not one. Also you get protection from burns.

You will handle your food with ease. Even when the pot is red hot, you can confidently handle it because these special gloves resist heat up to 500 degree centigrade or 932 Fahrenheit.

No more burnt hands, flames will be nothing to worry about, heat is child’s play to our dear gloves. Finally, your palms will have a sigh of relief because you have purchased our products.

The outer layer is made up of two different powerful heat resistant materials. That’s right; call it double effect protection against heat. Here’s the gist about those materials: the tough layer outside is a mixture of Aramid and Nomex fibers.

Our products will serve well beyond the walls of the kitchen. You can use these gloves while making a camp fire, in the workshop, BBQ, and be assured of safety. Our gorilla gloves can resist very high temperatures. What’s more, they are durable and EN07 certified.

The inner fiber is made up of a cool cotton material, very easy on your palms, makes them feel comfortable and allows the passage of air into the material. They also come with a configured cuff to keep your wrists and forearms in good condition. Our gloves are designed to fit anybody regardless of the hand size. You can also present them as a gift to your friends, families, newly (married) couples, they’ll surely appreciate you for it.

Are you still considering using kitchen mitts? We hope not. Gorilla Gloves havefingers with a silicon coatingfor gripping and to protect them from burns you might encounter while cooking. Grill, fry, boil, smoke, and cook with safety. Gorilla Gloves? Yeah, that’s a very good description. “Gorilla Grip Gloves.”

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120 Premium Quality Glossy Retail shopping Merchandise Tote Bags

Have you viewed our greatly designed stylish bags? You will be wowed that our gift shopping bag has an awesome design, lovely handles, and quite fashionable. They are there to help you meet your demands. Get our gift bags, for your family, friends, fill them with candy and send it over to them.
Our bags arebest for stores, book centers, trade shows, conferences, souvenir shops, doorknob brochures, garage salesandmany other uses) These are high-quality, 2mil thick, durable, flexible plastic bags that are strong enough for several items. They feature slim-fitted handles for easy handling. The Glossy Colors include: Hot Barbie Pink, Mediterranean Teal and Purple Mountain Majesty.
The size is, not too big, not too small, but just a right sized 12 x 15 inches, they are reusable, and can be recycled. These bags are strong, long lasting, durable to stress, made with quality materials and beautiful. Use these as a Retailer, for Trade Show Handouts, Bazaars, Flea Markets and Craft Shows. Also used for charity galas, garage and yard sales, or doorknob hangers for brochures. They can also be used for wedding gifts, bachelorette gifts, baby gifts as well as for other party purposes too. Get these awesome bags on our Amazon store? Buy now!

Kindly watch out this space as more products will be uploaded with more details. Thanks for choosing and shopping with SmileMart LLC.

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