Good gloves, high quality product

Was looking for a great set of high-quality gloves that would give me adequate protection for a 4 burner gas BBQ. thus fits the bill nicely and has the right amount of thickness for heat protection to not get burnt, whilst still allowing movement and feel to move the food and cooking plates on the BBQ plate grill. The silicon inserts on the fingers and palm is a nice touch for stopping dangerous slippage of really hot items, particularly when young children are around. Very happy with the purchase.

Good gloves, high quality productAmazon Customer
Awesome for camping or at home BBQ!

My boyfriend and I took last Friday off to go camping and these gloves worked well for us when we were grilling meat or making s’mores over the campfire. Even at home, we like to use our grill often and have dinner outside in the summer. He’s typically the one to man the grill and sometimes I get nervous because one of my biggest worries is that one of us accidentally gets burned. I got these gloves for peace of mind and I’m so glad that I did! The heat resistant and resistant material make it a five star product for us!

Awesome for camping or at home BBQ!Amazon Customer
Excellent for on the go, outdoor bbq sessions!

These gloves are great for us and our outdoorsy grilling activities! I tend to be in high speed at all times, and with that comes a little bit of clumsiness. I love cooking but was getting tired of burning my hands and wrists. I never even realized these gloves were on the market, but I’m so happy my husband found them for me. They fit snug enough that they won’t slide off, and they’re made of high quality material. I have stayed quite safe grilling on our camping bbq!

Excellent for on the go, outdoor bbq sessions!Amazon Customer
Goodbye pot holders - hello Gorilla Gloves!

I love my Gorilla Gloves! I use them in my kitchen every day – to pull hot cookie sheets, hot casserole dishes and hot cast iron pans out of the oven. I tossed my old pot holders in the trash as they are now a thing of the past and I only use these gloves. They have a great grip and I never have to worry about burning myself again. I am very happy with my purchase.

Goodbye pot holders - hello Gorilla Gloves!Amazon Customer
These are Grippin Awesome!

I needed oven gloves that would not burn me, which many have as they age. The silicon on the fingers and palm is great! I could not resist these gorilla gripping gloves as they are so cute, but even better they are strong and are fantastic for holding very hot dishes. I feel that my hands are now super protected when baking.

These are Grippin Awesome!Amazon Customer
Gloves work great for the bbq

Excellent gloves! I needed some gloves for our bbq as when I cook, the handles on the pans get extremely hot and wrapping a towel around just wasn’t working. My wife bought me these and I’m sure glad she did, way better than the towel. I would recommend these to any guy who uses pans on the bbq as these work awesome!

Gloves work great for the bbqAmazon Customer
colorful, and just right for my needs!

Wow… these bags are great. They arrived in just one day! These shopping bags are for my daughters Girl Scout meeting that’s this weekend. They’re doing a sort of shopping spree and needed some bags for customers that were strong, and could be reused for something else after. The colors are nice, and my daughter and I picked these out together so I know she’ll be just as happy as I am.

colorful, and just right for my needs!Amazon Customer
Love these bags!

I needed some nice, durable, yet attractive bags for my merchandise for my small business. After searching online for a bit, I came across these bags on Amazon. They are perfect! My products fit perfectly into the bags, and I’ve had no problems, whatsoever, with tearing etc. They are also useful for my household items. Great Product! 5 Stars!

Love these bags!Amazon Customer
Love the colors!

I bought these premium glossy bags for my daughter at school. They are always having a fundraiser so we use these bags to put the merchandise in when delivering the goods. The bags are thick and durable

Love the colors!Amazon Customer
Love these bags!

Love these bags! Very thick and durable! Fit alot of stuff! I used them for a Lil Mermaid Bday Party! All the kids went home with their bags in one piece, considering they were full of candy and toys!

Love these bags!Amazon Customer
VERY satisfied with these bags!

I just purchased these bags for a second time. I LOVE them. I have frequent garage sales and we also own a PC repair business. I was putting customers discs etc in old grocery bags [not so professional] when I saw these bags I thought well a 2 fold purpose, one for the PC business and one for garage sales. I used them at my garage sale a couple of weeks ago and the shoppers loved that I put their items in a nice bag and I picked the color depending on the customer, it put a smile on their face. The are a bit translucent which I really like. Will definitely buy again, don’t hesitate to give these a try!

VERY satisfied with these bags!Amazon Customer
Great purchase

Great bags! We ordered them to use as party favor bags for our daughters birthday party and needed something that was flexible, could stand up to water, and be carried by active little hands (we were at the zoo). These bags did all that, and we have a bunch to use for other things too! Actually, there were so many (and I bought them because of the price – fabulous), several of my friends have used them for their children’s birthday party swag bags. Great purchase!

Great purchaseAmazon Customer
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